Cadmus Ghana Ltd brings Bajaj Qute to Ghana

The Qute has already been touted as a unique vehicle with various advantages. It can be used as a family vehicle, an intra-city commercial transport vehicle, or even as a goods transporter in crowded cities with narrow lanes. This eco-friendly vehicle emits 40% lesser CO2 as compared to other vehicles, which undoubtedly will help bring down pollution levels in crowded urban areas. Moreover, with the top speed of 70km/hr, mileage of 36kmpl, small turning radius and compact size, the Qute is the perfect commuter vehicle in any city suffering from traffic woes. The Qute is a multi-purpose vehicle that will be an integral part of urban transport the world over. Ghanaian commuters will fall in love.

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Smart and sensible design Great style Right size Weighing at just 399 kgs, it’s compact dimensions makes Qute the right size to weave through traffic and park anywhere. Also Qute has been styled interestingly with great ergonomics for both the driver and the passenger.


PERFORMANCE 4 valve DTSi engine Great Fuel efficiency of 36* kmpl Low CO2 emissions of 66gms/km Qute is small in size but zippy in performance. You will be surprised at its ability to go up inclines and carry small loads. The 4-valve, DTS-i engine combined with light weight engineering gives it a great fuel efficiency of 36*kmpl. What’s more, Qute emits just 66gms/km of CO2 – 40% lower than most small cars. Making it a very eco-friendly vehicle to drive around


1. Multiple storage options 2. Ample space for luggage Qute has ample storage space for your luggage. 191 litres, to be precise. And the options are spread all across - in the front bonnet, glove box, under the seat and rear. But wait. If you fold the rear seats, you get a whopping 850 litres of space.Over and above this, there are roof rails to carry extra luggage. Whichever way you look at it, the Qute is smart, practical and incredibly multipurpose.


SAFETY High strength steel Monocoque body Impact-resistant plastic closures Front and rear seat belts Restricted top speed of 70 kmph Qute has a high strength, monocoque body and impact-resistant plastic closures and doors. Apart from this a hard rooftop, front and rear seat-belts and a restricted top speed of 70 kmph, provides ample safety for the occupants.


COMFORT Low turning radius of just 3.5m Strong suspension Qute has a strong suspension and ergonomic seats that provide comfort on all kinds of roads. With a turning radius of just 3.5 m, Qute is extremely easy to manoeuvre in dense traffic conditions.

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