Awesome Core Features

Designed for Africa

Qute is defined by its weight, power and speed. This makes it highly fuel efficient. The vehicle has a fuel efficiency of 43 km/kg* – at least 65% more than the most popular small car. It has a 4-valve water cooled DTSi engine with closed loop fuel injection system. The engine is 216 cc and is light in weight. The maintenance cost of the vehicle is comparable with a 3 –wheeler, this makes the vehicle suitable for daily commuting. Qute has dash mounted sequential shift gears which provide comfort and ease while driving. The small size of the vehicle helps in navigating through city traffic and parking in tight spaces. Qute provides protection from sun and rain. The vehicle navigates well in water-logged conditions. It is equipped with wipers and washing systems for better visibility during harsh weather conditions.

Ample Storage Capacity
The Qute has ample storage space in the front glove box. Inside front bonnet there is storage capacity of 20 kgs and there are roof rails with a carrier capacity of additional 40 kgs. Inside Front Bonnet : 20 kgs Roof Rails with Carrier : 40 kgs (Additional) Ample storage space in the front glove box Foldable rear seats for additional storage
Engine Specs
Engine:Four stroke, twin spark-ignition, single cylinder, liquid cooled Capacity:216.6 cc Max Engine Output: 9.70 KW (Petrol)`}` @ 5500 RPM (at crankshaft) Max Torque:`{`16.1 Nm (CNG) & 18.9 Nm (Petrol)`}` @ 4000 RPM (at crankshaft)
Performance Max. Speed 70 kmph, 5th gear Max. Gradeability18% (10.2 degree) for CNG 20% (11.30 degree) for Petrol; in first gear Constant Mesh Manual 5-speed sequential manual gearbox
Length:2752 mm Width:1312 mm Height:1652 mm Wheel Base:1925 mm Wheel Track:1143 mm Turning Circle Radius:3.5 m