The Greenest Vehicle in Ghana

It definitely feels good to drive through clean air. But we can assuredly say that it feels great when we do our bit for the environment. Let us explain. Consider a small car weighing 1100kg carrying a person weighing 70kg. The net weight it carries while travelling from one point to the next is 1170kg. This weight determines the amount of fuel burnt and CO2 emitted by the vehicle. The greater the net weight, the more is the fuel burnt, and hence more CO2 emissions. It is indeed an irony that for carrying a weight of 70kg (1 individual), we burn fuel that is commensurate to carrying a weight of 1170 Kg (17 individuals) and burden the environment So we made the Qute lighter. And it became a vehicle that is simple and efficient, which serves the commuting purpose, without disturbing the eco-system any further

People First

Qute is safe for everyone and everything on the road. It is engineered keeping in mind the spatial patterns of Indian urban roads. It is compact in size with a small turning circle radius, fuel-efficient and runs at a favorable restricted speed. For further details about its technical specifications, click on know more. Cadmus is investing in sustainable technology companies, helping to save the planet from the climate crisis, and exploring the universe with the goal of helping taxi drivers and commuters , all while saving lots of money from it.


Qute is a motorised quadricycle defined by weight, power and speed. It weighs under 450kgs, that is, 37% lighter than the smallest car in the market. Being light in weight also makes it an energy efficient vehicle. Qute sits on a water-cooled Digital Tri-Spark ignition 4-valve engine and a closed loop fuel injection system. This helps it in delivering high performance in power and control. With a really small turning circle radius of 3.5m, Qute is equipped to take the twists and turns of urban roads with ease. The vehicle has a dash mounted shift lever, which offers very low resistance and is also conveniently located. To ensure that Qute is safe for passengers as much as it is convenient to drive around, a lot of consideration is put on its safety aspect. Its body is made of high strength steel and its monocoque construction gives Qute its structural integrity and sophisticated design


Qute is designed not just to be a commuter’s vehicle but also an environment-friendly automobile that emits a relatively low proportion of pollutants in comparison to any other 4-wheeler on Ghanaian roads. For further details about its eco-friendly nature, click on know more. Qute is the world’s greenest 4-wheeler. What makes it so? Provides fuel efficiency of 36 km per litre of gasoline Emits 66 gm of CO2 per km Is 37% lighter than the smallest car Has 37% lower carbon emission than the smallest car