Best In Class Safety

Qute has a high strength monocoque body and impact-resistant plastic closures, along with lockable doors, hard rooftop and front & rear seatbelts

Occupants Safety

From the hot deserts of Mali and Burkina to the rain forests of Western and Ashanti Regions, from rural roads to city traffic, Qute has been put through over 3.2 million km of testing.

All Terrain

The Qute has been rigorously tested on multiple parameters, terrain and weather conditions in Africa. Qute has been put through over 3.2 million km of testing. These tests check for structural durability, suspension, performance, handling, efficiency and all forms of abuse

Cutting Edge Safety Design

Qute is made at a state-of-the-art assembly plant that uses the latest robotics & automation for precision manufacturing. The entire process is supervised and quality checked by expert engineers.

Other Commuters Safety

We believe safety is for all. Hence, when it comes to vehicles in an urban setting, safety of the people around is equally important for us. While most ‘so-called safe vehicles’ may not be able to provide it, here is Qute starting a trend. You probably know that the momentum of an object is the product of its mass and velocity. Qute is lightweight with a restricted top speed of 70kmph. This controls its momentum, as compared to a bigger, heavier vehicle, and minimises damage on impact, ensuring safety of other commuters. When it comes to safety, Qute is as protective about its surroundings as it is of its passengers. It is cleverly designed to minimize the extent of damage caused to property, pedestrians and other commuters. Click below to learn how Qute keeps everyone safe. Safety is defined as the condition of being protected from danger, risk, or injury and is also unlikely to cause the same. This implies that safety on road is not only for occupants of vehicle but also for people around the vehicle. With this thought in mind, Qute was designed not just in the best interest of the occupants but also the people around it. Hence, Qute is truly the safest vehicle for everybody on city roads