Why Qute is the best!

Qute with awesome core features

Qute is a Quadricycle. A Quadricycle, globally is a 4-wheel motor vehicle with less power and a much lower maximum speed than a conventional small car. Quadricycles have existed for about 3 decades in Europe. They officially became a new class of vehicles known as “low speed vehicle” in the US in 1998 and in Canada in 2000. There are over 3,00,000 quadricycles running in Europe. Qute with a kerb weight of 451 kgs, maximum speed of 70 kmph, maximum engine output of 8.08 KW and a seating capacity of D+3 meets the Indian Quadricycle norms. Qute is designed for the Intra City travel. It relieves cities from congestion, pollution and danger that big, heavy and fast cars inflict on it. Qute, unlike cars, is no threat to pedestrians, cyclists and 2-wheeler riders who represent the vast majority of casualties on road. QuteQute is the first quadricycle of India. It is also the first 4-wheeler designed for first and last mile transportation. Hence, it is light weight, has a small footprint making it fuel efficient and easy to drive even on congested roads. Qute is indeed an idea whose time has come. Qute has got the ARAI approval after meeting the Indian Quadricycle norms. Incidentally, they are more stringent than the European Quadricycle norms. It has also got the European WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval) certification awarded by RDW Netherlands.

Highly Fuel Efficient

Qute has a higher fuel efficiency of 43 km/kg* – at least 65% more than the most popular small car. It has a 4-valve water cooled DTSi engine with closed loop fuel injection system. The engine is 216 cc and is light weight. Petrol : 35 km/l* CNG : 43 km/kg**As per our testing conditions

Low Maintenance Cost

Qute has a less complex engine than other 4-wheelers. The vehicle is Made in India and hence, parts are easily available. The maintenance cost is comparable with a 3–wheeler. It is suitable for daily commuting.


Qute has the smallest turning radius of 3.5m, which makes it extremely easy to maneuver through congested lanes. Dash mounted sequential shift gears provide comfort in driving. The small size of the vehicle helps in navigating the city traffic and parking in tight spaces.


Qute provides protection from sun and rain. The vehicle navigates better in water-logged conditions as well. It has 12-inch alloy wheels which provide better road grip and is equipped with wipers and washing system for better visibility during harsh weather conditions.

Beat Traffic

Requirement for intacity travel is a 4 wheeled vehicle which has significantly higher mileage, has low maintenance cost, is easy to drive, provides all weather protection to its occupants, is safe & spacious and low on CO2 emmisions. Qute, the first Quadricycle of Ghana, is the answer for intracity travel.

Smart For Taxis

Today cities are facing traffic congestion and lack of parking spaces. There is one way traffic and parking on road side is common. Lot of signals are there which results in frequent stop and go operation. Average speed of the vehicles is 30 kmph. In the absence of approriate solution, people are using cars for “Intracity Travel”.

Competitive Edge

The Bajaj Qute from Cadmus Investments Ltd is set apart from similar competition in the Ghanaian market in the following way:

Cost Analysis of Bajaj Qute and its Conventional Counterpart over One year

Make Baja Qute Kia Picanto
Vehicle Type Petrol Petrol
Fuel Consumption/Km 32Km/L 7.6Km/L
Annual Distance/Km 3000 3000
Petrol $/Litre 1.12 1.12
Fuel Cost – $ 105.05 442.18
Insurance Cost – $ 26.67 40.00
Registration – $ 40.00 67.00
DVLA – Road Worthy – $ 8.00 11.30
Servicing – $ 184.00 720.00
Part Replacement – $ 124.00 333.33
Purchase Cost – $ 5440 17200
Total Cost – $ 5927.72 18253.33
$ Per Km based on annual projected Kms 1.96 6.08

From the above, the Bajaj Qute is three (3) times cheaper than its counter on a dollar/km basis. The more distance is covered, the Bajaj Qute actually becomes much cheaper than its counterparts because of the significant savings in fuel cost.